S2E4 – Chris Moffitt

In this episode of Half Stack Data Science, we continue our series “The Orthogonals” with a conversation with Chris Moffitt.

Chris is a Senior Manager Strategic Pricing & Analytics in the medical device industry. He is an active Python user with over 15 years of experience using Python for everything from web development to system administration and most recently data science. He is the author of the popular blog Practical Business Python where he describes how to use Python to solve common business problems.

We spoke to Chris about how he has used Python to his benefit at work, how the desire for automation is a mindset, and the future of complex machine learning models in the business world. Chris is entirely self-taught when it comes to using Python and you’ll hear him reflect on this when he says “There’s no way to learn programming outside of programming”.

Please enjoy our conversation with Chris Moffitt.

You can find the excellent Practical Business Python blog at pbpython.com and Chris himself on Twitter at @chris1610

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