Half Stack Data Science live on stage at General Assembly London!

Greetings listeners!

After a long podcast hiatus we return with a live event on Monday 4th November at General Assembly London: “Lessons from the deep end of data science”.

Get your ticket to this free event on General Assembly’s website here.

About the event

Data science and AI promise to revolutionize the world, but how do you do this in a company older than the internet? Data scientists in this environment need more than clever algorithms to succeed, yet these additional requirements only appear when you are already in the deep end.

A data scientist must be able to think like a statistician, a scientist, a customer, and a software developer, sometimes in the same meeting! This is especially true in organisations where data science is a new function, which is most organisations.

At this event, you’ll get a glimpse at the other side of the data science “stack” – the skills and techniques that complement your technical knowledge and are at least as important to succeed.

This event is presented by David Asboth and Shaun McGirr, co-hosts of the Half Stack Data Science podcast and developers of a full-day workshop covering this content in greater depth.

You can also see Shaun in the Data Science Pioneers movie sponsored by Dataiku, check www.datascience.movie for current screenings and follow @PioneersData on Twitter for more.

Get your ticket to this free event on General Assembly’s website here.

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