S3E4 – The language of data literacy, with Valerie Logan

Continuing our series of conversations with data educators, in this episode we spoke to Valerie Logan.

Founding The Data Lodge in 2019, Valerie is as committed to data literacy as it gets.  She believes that in today’s digital society, data literacy is not just a work skill- it’s a life skill.  With advisory services, train-the-trainer bootcamps, an extensive resource library and community services at The Data Lodge, Valerie is certifying the world’s first Data Literacy Program Leads across commercial, nonprofit and public sectors.

Previously, Valerie was a Gartner Research VP as a member of the Office of the CDO (Chief Data Officer) research team. She led Gartner’s Annual CDO Survey, as well as the CDO Circle executive training and networking event, which she designed from scratch. She pioneered Gartner’s research in the area of Data Literacy and nurturing the “speaking of data” by inventing Information as a Second Language® (ISL). In 2018, she was awarded Gartner’s Top Thought Leadership Award for her work in the area of Data Literacy.

In 2022, The Data Lodge was recognized by CDO Magazine as one of the “Top 25 Data Startups to Watch in 2022”.  Valerie has more than 28 years of experience, including two decades of global consulting across industries, and five years of applied experience in the telecommunications industry at both field and enterprise levels. She holds a B.S. in Math from SUNY College at Buffalo and an M.S. in Applied Math with a concentration in Operations Research from New Mexico State.

You can find out more about the Data Lodge from this overview:

ABOUT THE DATA LODGE_2-page overview

We talked to Valerie about how literacy in data is like literacy in any language, how to spread data literacy effectively in a business, what are some obstacles to doing this, how you measure the success of a data literacy program, and of course the effect of the emergence of AI on all of the above.

Valerie even made a custom Scrabble board just for this episode!

A Scrabble board with words relating to the Half Stack Data Science podcast.

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